Thursday, January 7, 2010

Developing A Taste For Tofu

It's taken two attempts with my curried tofu but I finally hit on the best way to prepare it.  Start with extra firm tofu if you want it cubed. Keep the cubes small and the texture, which can be a little hard to get used to, blends right in with the dish. Microwave the tofu for 4 minutes to release the moisture in it. Now you are ready to saute it and add it to your curry sauce.  When I did not pre-microwave the tofu it released it's moisture in the saute pan and took much longer to lightly brown. By that time it was sticking to the bottom of the pan and I had to add more oil or let it burn.

The other way I prepare tofu for carnivore's is the classic spinach dip in the pumpernickel bread bowl.  Use soft silken tofu in place of the sour cream or for just a portion of the sour cream.  You can also reduce the amount of mayonnaise. I've served this to many carnivores and my reputation as a chef has stayed intact.


  1. Hey Jenna, It's your gran little Mary here! Your blog is wonderful!!! I just had tofu at a Thai resteraunt for the first was fab! Come and check out my blog if you wish...

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  2. Jen, welcome to the blogging the pictures!

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