Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm A Carnivourous Vegan

I enhance my vegan meals by garnishing with meat, butter, cheese or sometimes sneaking in some chicken stock to make a sauce.  Ok, I confess, I almost always use beef stock or chicken stock when making my beans and grains. I also start with dried beans, soak them overnight in water and then cook a big pot of them the next day using the stock to which I've added some kosher salt.

Please don't try eating a whole pot of beans in one sitting.  It is digestive suicide and guaranteed to make you hate beans. As soon as the pot of beans is tender, not mushy, I drain them and spread them in a large roasting pan to cool.  Speed up the process by placing the pan in an ice bath and gently stir the beans.  Once the beans are cool put 1 cup portions in freezer bags and freeze for another meal.  Beans prepared this way have a much better flavor and texture than canned beans and you can use them in small amounts by adding to soups, stews and making into vegetable salads.

Try this with some black beans and next summer combine them with some fresh-off-the-cobb sweet corn, red onion and diced peppers. Season with chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice, a little salt and a little chopped, fresh, chilli pepper and you will join me in cilantro heaven.


  1. Great tips here! I am definintely going to try the black beans in the summer!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. jenna--i do a similar recipe and it's a summer staple. love love love your blog--great concept! xo